REEON Portrait REEON Portrait


REEON is a Techno producer and DJ born in Switzerland.

His typical deep sounds and luscious beats are mainly influenced by Techno and Techhouse. No matter if peak-time or underground. Rich basses and soundscapes surrounded by minimal elements, mostly deep and dark sometimes more melodic.

The varied productions reflect his excitement and openness towards electronic music. Creative diversity is very important to him.

His greatest ambition is to trap emotions in his music and to create a story around his tracks. That's why everything you hear and see about REEON, he created himself. Cover art (if it's not from a label), video animations and of course the music itself.

"As a producer, I craft sounds that transport emotions. I offer my story in a little package to the world. You have the power to decide when and for what occasion you pick it up and continue your own story with it. To me, being a part of someone else's journey through my music - means everything."


The focus on Techno since 2020 is well received. At the end of 2021 REEON won the Remix Contest for DJ Belocca's "Chemical Substance". The track is released on Mainground Music and reached #49 at the main Beatport Techno-Peaktime charts and almost top 10 at the same Hype charts with #14. The track was also added to the Spotify curated playlist "Electronic Rising".

He also released on Reload Records, Gain Plus Records and Shodan Records – surely more will follow.